Incredible article as always, must do better, must. I have been passed down indigenous skincare knowledge (my mothers mothers mothers were all herbalist and healers) and this inspires me to NOT be scared to begin to share the knowledge. The world is slowly opening, and we can make way for everyone every race and every spirit to help everyone lead a balanced and healthy, positive minded life.

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Your so many points about racism in this country are disturbingly correct. My only comment have to do with how long this has been happening. You describe a very chilling relationship between wokeism, Q and basically maga tenets. So true and a refined view. My experiences are older But with little difference. In the alternative healing sector of vibrational science which touches on eastern medicine. Suffice to say, in the US, it was an open invitation to ridicule. In other circles, an invitation to deify. The mood set the stage for the difficulties you describe in amazing detail. You describe a dynamic that’s not going anywhere if history continues to repeat. Just as reflected in other financial sector so large. It’s corporate. It’s jobs. It’s the pretty perks that make us happy.

The truly fascinating part of this story is the woke thread. How the woke aspect is perceived. It’s the weapon of the current right to label the left and yet, I see it as their creation. Most white left leaning folks I know are respectful of other cultures. It’s the attitudes of high financial gain for the least investment as possible and stretching the rhetoric around the product as to exaggerate or even make false claims. The Trump corp of products didn’t make up the process of branding they just have done it in the most extreme way of offering garbage or nothing for dollars (NFT cards etc). Interesting how the politically right mindset creates the woke scenario then blame it on the left.


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