The "aesthetic" fitness industry seems to be leaning more and more into the model of the beauty industry through class descriptions that promise to: slow our brainwaves down, , re-pattern old memories, expand human consciousness, to purify, release tension so that we live in harmony with Earth, shed layers that hold you back, shift your focus to feel better in your own skin. Simple language doesn't seem to cut it anymore. And, of course, beauty products are often promoted as part of the package.

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Ms. Jessica Defino, this may appear as a shameless plug - it's not, it's to show how much we are on the same page and introduce myself at the same time.

(I haven't launched my substack yet.) Also, to tell you how much I appreciate the work you are doing. This is one power place where our power lies as women and we need to use it to pivot the planet back to balance.

I have been having some good laughs for the last month as well from Unpublishable - this is a compliment. Knowing just how close comedy and tragedy tango. I'm a fan! Happy Holidays! LA from Flying Bra.

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