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What is The Review of Beauty?

Hi! I’m Jessica DeFino, a former editor for the Kardashian-Jenner Official Apps (I’m sorry!) turned award-winning beauty journalist (the New York Times, the Sunday Times, the Guardian, and more). This is The Review of Beauty: a weekly(ish) newsletter taking a critical look at beauty culture.

Because The Review of Beauty is reader-funded, I can skip the spon-con for cosmetic corporations and product-pushing affiliate links. Instead, I cover what traditional beauty publications don’t, won’t, or can’t — whether that’s to appease advertisers, preserve brand relationships, or cling to the conventional wisdom, outdated ideals, and marketing myths that keep consumers consuming. (Trust me, it all influences what information makes it to the mainstream.) Expect practical, political, philosophical explorations of beauty; don’t expect retinol recommendations.

The beauty industry reviews products. The Review of Beauty reviews the industry.

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Jessica DeFino is an award-winning beauty reporter and critic (The New York Times, Vice, Vogue). She writes the Guardian's beauty advice column, Ask Ugly, and has been called "the woman the beauty industry fears" by the Sunday Herald.