Sitemap - 2021 - The Review of Beauty by Jessica DeFino

What's IN and What's OUT For Beauty In 2022

2021: The Year In Unpublishable Beauty

Peace On Earth?

On Petroleum Jelly, Among Other Things

The Don't Buy List: Sparkly Cell Death, Blonde Jokes, & Botox For Camels

2 New Podcasts! (or The Unbearable Anxiety of Being Interviewed)


Is It Rude To Gift Wrinkle Cream?

The Don't Buy List: Skin Supplements, Supply Chains, & The Grinch Who Stole Sheet Masks

Machine Gun Kelly Beauty Is Here

Get Free From Skincare Culture (New Podcast!)

25% Off Subscriptions + The Don't Buy List FOR FREE!

Black Friday? More Like Don't Buy Day!

On Aging: An Interview With Oldster

The Don't Buy List: Wet Skin, Fake ‘Shrooms, & Beauty Boycotts

Sweet Potatoes Are Skincare

Open Thread: What’s Your Beauty Damage?

The Don't Buy List: Juicy Gossip, Drying Skincare, & Feelings As Face Creme

Zoom Masterclass TOMORROW!

Meta Face Is Coming

Happy Halloween! Beauty Is Horror!

Launch Estée Lauder Into Space

The Don't Buy List: EmRata, Death by Phthalate, & The 'Science' of Beauty

Gwyneth Paltrow Gives A Bad Glow Job

Beauty Isn't Superficial

The Don't Buy List: Botox Is Love, Pollution Is Anti-Aging, & Sunshine Will Kill You

"Overconsumption = Extinction" (A Micro-Rant Re: Fashion Week Makeup)

Can You Think Your Way To Healthier Skin?

Beauty Culture Is A Public Health Issue

The Don't Buy List: Jennifer Aniston, Manifesting Hotness, & Skincare As A Coping Mechanism

On Being A Beauty Industry Outsider (Podcast Episode!)

The Don't Buy List: The Bachelor, Ecaux Cotton, & Enforcing Ageism — The Glossier Way!

The Don't Buy List: Beauty Distractions, Bella Hadid's (First) Face, & Unf*cking Your Flora

The Don't Buy List: Fake Tans, Fake Butts, & (Over) Washing Your Face

On ‘Old’ & The Inescapable Horror Of Aging

The Don't Buy List: Hot Hyperpigmentation Summer, Beauty Loves Bezos, & Snake Oil Skincare

The Newsletter 'The Beauty Industry Fears'

The Don't Buy List: Beauty Anxiety, ScarJo Skincare, & Shutting The F*ck Up About The Sun

The Don't Buy List: Kill Your (Skincare) Darlings

An Unpublishable Interview On Skin-Positive Marketing

The Don't Buy List: Some Stuff To Buy, Actually

The Don't Buy List: Retinoid Uglies, Recycling, & Natural Skincare As Eco-Guilt

Is 'Skinimalism' Just Minimalist Consumerism?

The Don't Buy List: Skin-Control, Sage, & Setting Boundaries

We Are All Khloé Kardashian

The Don't Buy List: Racism In 'Anti-Clean' Beauty, Anxiety Eyebrows, & Meditation-As-Moisturizer

The Don't Buy List: Crying-As-Skincare, Nicole Kidman, & the BIEB

Anti-Aging Is A Construct

How the Beauty Industry Fuels Anti-Asian Racism — Beyond Cultural Appropriation

The Don't Buy List: The New Male Gaze, The Magic of Mushrooms, & Manuka Honey

Uh-Oh, Am I An Asshole?

The Don't Buy List: Botox, Britney, & Anti-Capitalist Beauty

Beauty Is Meaningless (Or, A Brief History of Empty Marketing Language)

Would You Buy a Label-Less Skincare Product?

A Beauty-Critical Content Charcuterie!

No, Sebum Does Not Cause Acne

Erasing Your Wrinkles Isn’t Empowerment