Sitemap - 2024 - The Review of Beauty by Jessica DeFino

Do You Have Taste?

Garbage: The Beauty Trend That Won’t Go Away

Look Good, Feel Bad!

The State Of The Bush

The Eye Of The Beholder Got A Blepharoplasty

BBL Drizzy, Taylor Swift Perfume, Merkins & More: A New Podcast About Celebrity Beauty Mess!

Shampoo For Your God-Shaped Hole

Stop Exfoliating (Start Eating Rose Petals)

Gilding The Cage

When Obsession With Skincare Becomes Dermorexia

'Challengers': An Ad For Augustinus Bader Body Cream?

On Fragrance, Or Sidestepping The Problems Of The Flesh

The Pubic Hair Poll

Don't Call It Girlhood

DoorDashing Boyfriend Blush

Terror & Mundanity In A Makeup Bag

Banking On Collagen (& Losing Billions)

Introducing: The Review of Beauty

Microdosing Prejuvenation

When Beauty Becomes Background Noise

Would You Rather Die Hot or Live Ugly?

Sephora Dysmorphia with Nymphet Alumni

We Are The Poor Things

Makeup As Meditation, Skincare As 'Girl Therapy'

From 'Lolita' To Dakota Johnson's Book Club: A Brief Look At Beauty's Relationship To Literature

On Night Cream & The Nothingness of Being

Célebrating The Célf By Consuming Célebrity Shampoo

'Beauty Felt Like A Second Job — One I Couldn't Afford To Keep'

What To Do When You Have More Lip Balms Than Friends (& Your Lips Are Still Chapped)

Every Beauty Commercial From The Super Bowl, Analyzed

Butthole Beauty, Ancestral Skincare, & More

Cosmetics ≠ Clothing

Venus Explains It All

A Retraction of Yesterday’s Guest Essay

Serum Moms Are The New Almond Moms

#GetReadyWithMe Videos Are Out