Sitemap - 2023 - The Review of Beauty by Jessica DeFino

2024 Beauty Predictions: Scalp Retinol, Replication, & Exploiting the Limbic System

Dior Glow Lip Oil, A Slick Simulacrum

The Cult of Color Analysis

Stigmatize Glitter

Beauty Professionals Are Abandoning Their Beauty Products. Why?

'Now that I’m a mother, I’m mourning my old, pretty self.'

'See Inside The Soul Of The Perfume'

I Wanted Love & All I Got Was This Lousy Manicure

When War Sells Serum

The Kids Cosmetic Market Is Not Alright

'Skincare For Men' Shields Men From The Massive, Manipulative World of Women's Skincare

Introducing My Beauty Advice Column, Ask Ugly!

The Legal Case Against Beauty Filters

How The #EverythingShower Is Doing Us Dirty

Rejecting Life To Pursue Perfection

'Should I Just Go Under The Knife?'

Stop Buying Breast Cancer Awareness Lip Gloss

Your Beauty Culture Questions, Answered — Tomorrow @ 1pm!


You're Not Bad, You're Just Influenced That Way

Truth, Beauty, & Dressing Like A Circus Tent

The Era of 'Buy Now, Pay Later' Botox

Orange Ya Glad You Didn't Buy That Vitamin C Mask?

You Have Such A Pretty Face

Soap Scum (or The Morality of Showering)

How Glossier Sold Us Nothing

The 'I Do It For Me' Delusion

Walmart's Beauty Glow-Up Event Linked To Anti-Abortion & Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

'You think beautiful girls are going to stay in style forever?'

I Lied To You About Acne Creams & I'm Sorry

Unlock Your Inner Beauty (With Your Outer Beauty)

What’s With All The Milk?

A Serum For Your Teeth

The Hot Girl Hamster Wheel

'There's no ethical way to sell products that target signs of aging'

Now I Am Become Oppenheimer

Body Grief & Disability Pride Can Coexist

When Black Haircare Becomes A Cash Grab

Barbie Has Cellulite (But You Don't Have To)

Living In Dirt

Cosmetic Work As Chronic Hope

Is Cannibalism Campy?? 🍽️🧠🖤

What Does It Mean To Critique Beauty?

Dating While Divesting From Beauty Culture

'Your WooWoo, Your Choice'

Bite Me, Hailey Bieber

The Dirt on Sunscreen

Virtual Reality Bites

The Filtered-Photos-To-Plastic-Surgery Pipeline

How The Beauty Industry Funds Anti-LGBTQ+ Politicians

No Cap

That Bioré Pore Strip School Shooting Ad

K-Beauty & The Government-Funded Face

Martha Stewart's Sports Illustrated Cover Means Next To Nothing

Clean, Clear, Continuous Control

Shame Your Mother’s Body Hair Today

Beauty Instagram Broke My Brain

The Physiognomy of Anne Hathaway & The Anatomy of An 'It' Girl

Eat The Rich, Steal Their Skin?

7 Brand New Beauty Recs! (They’re Books)

'Barbie' Will Be Bad For Beauty Culture

The Great Deflation

It’s Hot To Look Ill

Self-Loathing Is The New Self-Love

My Hair, The Bird's Nest

The ‘Science of Skincare’ Isn’t Science or Care

Cosmetic Collective Care Now!

'Beauty is boring because it’s a tool used to maintain stasis and control'

Old Woman Hands

Meet The Lipsdick: A Dick-Shaped Lipstick

Now I Am Become Slime


De-Influencing De-Influencing

A Hug In A Bottle?

Madonna's Face Is Not Subversive

How To Fake Longer, Thicker Lashes — Authentically!

The $8 Billion Skin Lightening Industry Proves 'An Ongoing Colonization of The Mindset'

Having A Human Experience? Try Being Hot Instead

Podcast: Revealing The Real Face Of The Beauty Industry

Open Thread: The Negotiation of Beauty

Cyborg Skin