Sitemap - 2022 - The Review of Beauty by Jessica DeFino

What's In & Out For Beauty In 2023

Radical, And Really Bad

Cheek Fat, Julia Fox, & Judgment

'You Look Prettier With Your Mouth Closed'

Worshipping At The Altar of Artificial Intelligence

The Unpublishable Gift Guide

Is It Beauty? Or Is It Coerced Modification?

The $1 Billion Skincare Brand Selling Your Skin Back To You

Vampire Skin, Karl Marx, & EmRata

Stress Sells

Makeup That Says 'I'm Cold' (+ A New Chat Feature!!)

1-Minute Musing: The Medical Gaze

'The Beauty Industry Condemns Antisemitism' — But How?

Skip The Niacinamide Serum

The Body Horror of 'Aesthetica'

I Want You To Lick Me

Quinta Brunson’s Night Cream Commercial Haunts My Dreams

Where Are All The Eyebrows?


The Aesthetics of Subjugation

The Beauty Industry Is Using The Iranian Protests To Promote Haircare Products

A Podcast, A Newsletter, & A Book Rec

Joe Jonas Bucks Gender Norms By Embracing Injectable Ageism

The Beauty Brands Backing Abortion Bans

Introducing: Trump x Estée Lauder

Fashion Week Is About Beauty, Actually

A Brief History of Tanning

You Have Fossil Fuels On Your Face

Meghan Markle’s Podcast Is Fluffy 'Feminism'

"If I'm In A Wheelchair, At Least I Need Good Hair"

1-Minute Musing: Anti-Aging Works!

Body Acceptance Stops At The Skin. Why?

The Don't Buy List: Strawberry Legs, Sunscreen Drama, & Beauty Standards As Child Abuse

An Annoyingly Earnest Story About My Eyebrows

"Look Like You Slept 8 Hours!"

The Skin As An Antidote To Consumerism

The Don't Buy List: Male Beauty Standards, Biden Goes Bimbo, & Being Hot

Beauty, Appearance, Attraction, & Power

Open Thread: Pretty Dangerous


The Don't Buy List: Injectable Happiness, Prime Day Hypocrisy, & SPF WTFs

The Universe Exists Within Your Skin

Who Is Beauty For?

1-Minute Musing: 17 Skincare Products THAT ACTUALLY WORK

Dua Lipa Knows The Beauty Industry Is Built On Lies

‘Sexual Wellness,’ Huh?

The Don't Buy List: Revlon, Robot Skin, & Irritable Bowel Syndrome (For Your Face)


Want A Feral Girl Summer? Stop Using Skincare

Superficial Intelligence

The Don't Buy List: Burning Bras, Velveeta Nails, & The Depp-Heard Connection To Beauty Culture

Introducing: A Reader-Created Community For Unpublishable Subscribers!

Eat Shit, Kim Kardashian

How The '5-Minute Face' Became The $5,000 Face

Sarah Ramos on the Inherent Horror of Beauty


There Is No 'Planet A'

The Don't Buy List: Ugly Feminists, Hot Moms, & Sunburn Blush

Here Are All The Brown Hands

Generation Lifeless

On Motherhood, Womanhood, Identity, & Beauty


The Don't Buy List: Roe v. Wade, Harry Styles, & The Bezos-Beauty Connection

Open Thread: Beauty As A Coping Mechanism


The Don't Buy List: Stardust, Spoiled Shoppers, & Pre-Death Beauty Prep

Beauty Brands Shouldn't Make Merch

The Aesthetic American Dream (Or, What The Kardashian Jenners Taught Me About 'Beauty Work')

Is 'Inner Glow' A Real Thing?

The Don't Buy List: Spon-Con, Sunscreen, & A Meticulous Messy Bun

1-Minute Musing: Ego-Expression

The Cult of Skincare

Bella Hadid's Old Nose

The Don't Buy List: Pubes, Propaganda, & Beauty For Bleaching Piss Stains

Injury As A Beauty Ideal

Paradigm Shift

You Have Complete Control

Skincare as Extractive Capitalism (New Podcast!)

The Don't Buy List: Facial Massage, Fragrance For Dogs, & Frostbite-Inspired Beauty

1-Minute Musing: What Problems Does Beauty Solve?

Let Your Lover Touch Your Face

This Is What Brands Think Love Is

The Don't Buy List: Beauty Burnout, 'The Bachelor,' & Glow-bal Warming

Close Reading An Anti-Aging Brand Launch

Great News For Your Vagina

On 'Yellowjackets' & Appearance Anxiety

How To DIY Kate Hudson's Face Mask (But Better)

The Don't Buy List: ‘Euphoria’ Memes, Miss America, & Mary Oliver: Beauty Influencer

Please Stop Slugging

Your Skin Doesn't Need Skincare

A Passion For Products

The Don't Buy List: Resolutions, Bimbos, & Sheet Masks For Babies

In Defense of Resolutions